luni, 19 octombrie 2009

Revlon Haul

Everyone loves revlon's colorstay foundation.
Until now it didn't even cross my mind to try something else from them ....

So there I was...buying a new colorstay foundation and i thought ..''Hmmh ...i'm out of powder so why don't i try the colorstay one ?''

And I did and i got a little bit carried away and i also bought the following:
Blush in 13 Love that pink and a colorstay lipstick in 315 juicy plum.
Needless to say ..I am very happy with my purchase!Oh and I also bought 2 colorstay foundations ( one in 150 buff and one in 180 sand beige ) in hope that mixing the two together will give me a perfect match as the 150 buff tends to make me look a little bit like i'm dead.
So hopefully this will work and if you want a review for any of these products just ask in the comment section.I will be more than happy to do it:).

P.S. Waa ...short post!! I must say i'm getting quite used to these types of posts.Getting the message to the reader/follower ( in our case ) without blabbing on and on.Short and simple.Love it!