marți, 22 decembrie 2009


Yep ...that's what I am!
Let me explain myself ...
So I live in the centre of Bucharest.My parents live somewhere outside of town and it takes forever to get to places from here.And since I can't drive( not that i wouldn't want to's just that i'm too young:( ) I can't get out of here.
Therefore I am oficially stuck here.
I'm only here for about a week( for the Christmas holiday)but it's already been 2 days and I'm bored to death:.
Anybody got any ideas about stuff to do?
Obviously until I get out of here and do things normal people do I shall be bloggin' my brains out(not the best choice of methaphore but this will do for now:D).

Until next time,

joi, 17 decembrie 2009

It really feels like Christmas time !

It's actually snowing here you guys:X I love snow .It's just so peacefull( well...not counting the traffic chaos :D).
Now that I have told you how much I adore snow let me tell you how much I hate it too:)
I was walking to school the other day and I noticed everyone was looking funny at me for no apparent reason.When I arrived at school I saw that my mascara had smudged all over my cheeks because of the snow :(.
And that was my sad little cheesy story for today:))

Oh and i'm oficially on holidaaaaaay!!! Yey for that:X


duminică, 13 decembrie 2009


Ah the joy of these holidays ! I am really getting into the whole christmas spirit.Only three more days of school and I 'm off the hook for this year.I'm having a final test tomorrow and that makes me a little bit less christmasy but i'll get over it.

See... i'm getting the hang of these kind of posts.I might even dare say i like them.


joi, 10 decembrie 2009

quick announcement

Well hello there fellow bloggers!Greetings to you all !
Now getting past that cheesy introduction I shall make a very important announcement!
I am turning this blog into a mixed topic one.That means that apart from the apparently very rare makeup related posts ( please excuse my lazyness) i will be posting non makeup related ....let's call it stuff.

On a happier note I was specifically asked by a very persistent friend of mine to mention her in one of my posts .I really have no idea why she is so keen to appear on a blog read by 9 people( which i respectfully salute:)) ).So there you have it kiddo.I am mentioning you here:ANDE:*

So let's get on with blogging about normal stuff.I guess i'll just write about the way i spent my day.that 's what normal people do right ? Here it goes folks:)

I had an English contest today.At 9 o'clock.Which meant i had to get up at 7.That sucked.The whole thing was supposed to last three hours but it ended up lasting a whole lot less.The good news: we were allowed to skip school.Yeeeey!

On the way back home I waited for the bus for about half an hour.That made me angry.You wanna' know what else makes me angry ....smelly people in buses and people that write about their in-laws on their blog even though they're only sixteen.jeez about crazy:)).

So now i'm home writing this incredibly boring post about myself( makeup is a lot more fun than my crappy day ).Hope you enjoy people!


luni, 19 octombrie 2009

Revlon Haul

Everyone loves revlon's colorstay foundation.
Until now it didn't even cross my mind to try something else from them ....

So there I was...buying a new colorstay foundation and i thought ..''Hmmh ...i'm out of powder so why don't i try the colorstay one ?''

And I did and i got a little bit carried away and i also bought the following:
Blush in 13 Love that pink and a colorstay lipstick in 315 juicy plum.
Needless to say ..I am very happy with my purchase!Oh and I also bought 2 colorstay foundations ( one in 150 buff and one in 180 sand beige ) in hope that mixing the two together will give me a perfect match as the 150 buff tends to make me look a little bit like i'm dead.
So hopefully this will work and if you want a review for any of these products just ask in the comment section.I will be more than happy to do it:).

P.S. Waa ...short post!! I must say i'm getting quite used to these types of posts.Getting the message to the reader/follower ( in our case ) without blabbing on and on.Short and simple.Love it!

marți, 29 septembrie 2009

Stila smudge pots:A review:D i haven't written anything in a while because i've just started school two weeks ago and i've been in a continuous rush since then and i literally could not find time to write.i'm so sorry i have abandoned my eight followers :)) i promise i'll be better in the future.

well then on with the review :)

I have recently purchased three of stila 's smudge pots ( black ,bronze,gray).Where I live i can only get Stila at Sephora and the prices there are twice as big as on the site and i can't purchase online as i do not have a card :.So i saw they were having a sort of discount so i rushed in there and got myself these three.They all came in a package together so i paid the price for three little ones ( cause they are quite little ,like half the size of the original jar )wich would equivalate the price of a full sized smudge pot.

I have never had liners in this form ( gel liner) so i didn't know if i was gonna like it so i thought i would try these from stila cause benefit creaseless blah blah blah was way too expensive and i can't get my hands on mac :('

I'm so glad i decided to buy them cause'i completely adore them :X

Although I did use them as liners in the first couple of days i now find myself reaching out for them as a base for smokey eyes ;) they're great i tell you.

What more can I say ,love,absolutely love !
They keep my eyeshadow in place ,no creasing and it makes the colours i put on top pop more.

All in all i'm very happy with my purchase :D

Hope you're having a great week,

p.s. here's a picture of a look i did the other day with the bronze and the black.

p.s.2 :))my next smudge pot is going to be pomegranate.Soooo pretty :X

duminică, 13 septembrie 2009

Today's look : Line those eyes!

I thought i'd do a very neutral look today.So i put on my foundation blush blah blah and my eye makeup which consisted of a very light cream coloured highlighter and a sparkly brown eyeshadow in the crease.I should've stopped there.But i didn't :D ...i thought a little liner couldn't hurt ( bad idea ) so i ended up with a big black line on my eyes ....which i absolutely adoooore:)).oh and i also added a bright orangey-pinky lipgloss just to completely erase the idea of a neutral look :)

Here are the pictures:

Products used :

Face :

Revlon Colorstay ( 150 Buff).Stila pressed powder.Manhattan Blush in Fresh Peach.


Cream coloured highlighter.Brown in the crease.Maybelline line definer liquid liner.


Oriflame's Pop Glam Plump & Gloss in Vibrant pink

Ok....after that i kind of got a little bit creative and this came out:D

I am not even going to try to tell you what products i used mostly because i have no idea of what i did there .i just started extending the liner and this just popped on my face 5 minutes later.although i sort of like it.what do you think ?:D i would be more than happy to know what your thoughts are on this.

Have a great week guys !



P.S. I'm starting school tomorrow.....i'm a 10th grader ( i think it's called a sophomore in America ) and i'm totally not happy about that.Don't get me wrong... i looooove school( well at least the fun part of it ...) but i still think i'll miss all the lazy mornings in bed ....just me ....doing nothing ( doesn't that sound great ?) well i hope i'll get adjusted rather quickly and everything's gonna be just fine.By the way ...are any of you still in highschool or am i the only kiddie around here ?:(

luni, 7 septembrie 2009

My new obsession!

Which is actually......not makeup related at all :( sorry but I just wanted to share this with the world.

And what I'm talking about is..........Placebo 's album Battle For the Sun .

And yes I know this is nothing new , but I went to their concert here in Bucharest on the 21 of June and I promised myself I would buy the album so that I would have all of the songs neatly organised on a CD......yeah... so promises to myself never end well and I forgot.

So today I was just looking for a gift for one of my friends and I stumbled upon it there and I knew I had to have it.I gotta tell you has been on repeat for about 3 hours ( yep ...that's how much of a weirdo i am :D ) I especially love Kitty Litter and Speak in Tongues.

So this was my random rant about music and just for your little makeup lover hearts here's a teeny tiny haul:D ( just photos no reviews just yet....i still need a little bit of time to decide if I like'em )

1.Manhattan Cosmetics( which ironically are a German beauty brand:D) Brilliant Fusion Compact powder& rouge

2.Seventeen Natural Sheer in 333

3.Manhattan Cosmetics X-treme last &shine in 7

4.Urban Decay in Goddess (very glittery and i'm not sure i like that :(....we'll see)

Ok...that was all for today guys.Have a nice week !

XoXo ,

vineri, 4 septembrie 2009

Today's look:Purple smokey eye

I was just lying in bed today ( feeling kind of sick :( ) and I thought since I'm not in the mood to go out why not try to do a makeup look and also film it so that I could upload it to youtube? so that was exactly what I did and this is what came out of it :)

What I used :


Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation

Manhattan Cosmetics Wake up Concealer

Stila Sheer Pressed Powder

The body shop Blush in 01 Pink Quartz


3 colours from my ruby rose 62 palette

Stila noire palette ( the black eyeshadow )

Sephora flashy liner waterproof in flashy violet
Maybelline line definer liquid liner in black

Maybelline Colossal Volum'Express Mascara


Maybelline Watershine Gloss in Cherry Twirl

So...hope this was fun and link to the my first youtube video coming soon :)

XoXo ,


joi, 3 septembrie 2009

When in a review:D

So...inspiration came pretty quickly :) i was just on my laptop trying to decide what my real first post should be about and then it hit me ..what am I most obsessed with?The answer :foundation !

So I just grabbed my Revlon Colorstay and I was about to start writing when I realised that I don't really have anything new to add to the reviews circulating on the web.
People don't want me telling them something they already know.

On to the actual review cause'if I don't stop rambling now I shall never end:

The spotlight tonight is on BOURJOIS'10 hour sleep effect foundation(in rose72).

My initial thought was ''oh there's got to be a proper review on it on youtube.''you see youtube is for me what santa is for little kids : you just tell him what you want and he gets it for you:)) anyway i searched and there was i decided to do one of my own.

Here it goes !

First impression :yuuuuuck:( why on earth did I ever buy this?My reason ? I was used to a matte finish from my foundations so i first hated this product that actually turned out to be pretty good .

Finish:It has a gorgeous dewy finish and it just makes your skin glow in all the right places like the top of your cheekbone , on your brow bone etc.But when you put powder over it all the magic is gone so what I would reccommend is to powder only your T-zone if you want to keep the sheen:)

Coverage : i would say it's more of a light to medium but it's definitely buildable.

Staying-power:unfortunately not so good .this is really the only downside to this :( it literally lasts about 3-4 hours on the skin and after that you can't really tell you had foundation scoring low points for this one.

I also wanna' say that this is the easiest foundation to blend ever and i think that's what makes the coverage so buildable.

All in all I think this is a great foundation.definitely would repurchase . i would give it a 9 out of 10 just because of the staying-power but you know what they say:you can't have it all now can you!

Hope you didn't find this post excruciatingly long and really hope this helped someone out there:)



First blog entry:D yeey I now officially have a (makeup )blog!( happy as can be about that:)I have been wanting a blog for about 2 weeks now and i haven't gotten around to doing it because of my busy schedule( yeah right :)) neah ....the truth is i've been reaaaaaly lazy.

The only real problem is that I haven't got the slightest idea of what to do with it.

Well hopefully inspiration will come soon and all you makeup addicts out there will be able to know my humble opinion about stuff and see what i have recently been up to:D


P.S. I have always wanted to do the whole xoxo and the initial thing;;) i just think it's sooo Gossip Girl-ish :D meaning it's also very fun and stupid in a certain way.But hey ...i'm still going to do it :)