joi, 28 aprilie 2011

A gazillion posts all rolled up into one :D

I know,I know ....long absence.Sorry :D
I thought about writing a separate post for each of these but they're not major subjects so I thought I might as well just roll'em into one big thing:)

First up is :NOTD-Orange Fizz -Chanel

I got this  nail polish for my birthday last week from a friend.
It's such a fanatstic colour and I absolutely love it.It also glides on like a dream.
That being said,far less expensive nail polishes do that so I'm not saying it's bad cause first of all it's Chanel and I love me some expensive things :X (I know .....sucker for packaging and marketing:)))  please do excuse that )and second because it 's such a pretty colour :X but I might dare say it's not quite worth the price.Their lipsticks however awsomeness:)

Oh and if you're wondering ....I'm wearing falsies :) I kind of bite my nails:| Yeah more like totally bite them.I know it's horrible but I've tried so many things to stop and I did actually stop once and they were gorgeous for about 2-3 months but unfortunately I had to cut them really short and I couldn't resist biting them :( Look at me ...I sound like a junkie :))))Oh well ...they'll grow someday :))

Second we have something I should have done ages ago.Show you guys my shorthend dress and new shoes for that b-day party I was telling you guys about a couple of weeks before.

I really like it shorter and I bought new shoes:X
They're just basic black pumps and I added those pretty flowers :X Unfortunately they were so damn uncomfortable that I ended up not wearing them :)))
But they were pretty for about 10 minutes:)

Next up we have an OOTD featuring a gorgeously sunny day and green grass:X

You'd think I would be done by now but not a chance :))
I'm kidding ...just one more to go and we're done :) I promise !

Since this is a beauty related stuff blog a FOTD was bound to pop up somehow :))

FOTD that I wore with my outfit of the day :)

I'm dooooone :)))Boy I think you're glad !It was pretty much painless.Your eyes might be sore from all that Brindi you've seen in such a short time:)) Sorry:)

I will now depart leaving you with some photos  of my other dog Roscatel (or as we like to call him Rosca....we didn't know what to call him when he first joined the gang so we kept calling him Roscatel for obvious reasons and it kind of stuck :)

That's all for today guys :*


vineri, 22 aprilie 2011

Gerovital Plant -Overview

Hi guys :)
Earlier this week I went to the post office to pick up my freebies/samples from Gerovital Plant :) Anca from Machiaj Ochi sent them to me and I want to thank her once again for that :)

I got a couple of samples of just about everything and I'm just going to tell you a general idea about each.

Anti wrinkle cream -my mom tried this one out and she said she really liked the consistency of it but that she didn't really think it hydrated enough.Also big bonus for her,the smell.

Anti imperfection cream -Good for night since it leaves a sort of weird feel on the skin and doesn't really sink in that well but other than that quite good as a spot treatment.I applied it on a couple of patches of problematic skin overnight and by morning they were significantly reduced.

Moisturizing Cream -Dreamy consistency and feel to it.My skin just felt refreshed after applying it.Not very much to say about it.Didn't break me out or anything.

Nourishing Cream -Don't really noticed that much of a difference from the previous one ,unfortunately so don't really know what to say.

Contour Serum Eyes and lips -Here comes the not so good part .This broke me out a bit around my mouth and around the edges of my cheeks where I had spread the product.Now ...I'm not saying this is a bad product but it's definitely not for my skin type.

Well that was it guys :*

Hope you find this useful :)


joi, 7 aprilie 2011

Help Needed in deciding :)

Hey guys! So I'm going to a b-day party Saturday and I've bought a dress and a blazer for this occasion.

 Dress and blazer from Nissa.Oh btw really nice staff at the store in Afi Cotroceni.I must have tried on about a dozen dresses and she was nice and patient and not pushy at all :)First enjoyable shopping experience I've had in a couple of months.Oh and another btw I've got to tell you guys about this really awesome sales person at Sephora Militari.She is amazing!

Buuuut .....I have 3 major concerns regarding it :

1.Is  it too long ? I usually don't even look at dresses that long but I irrevocably fell in love with the print :X
2.Is it too formal ? It's a 18th birthday so formal is good but how formal is too formal ? I should really stop saying formal :))
3.What shoes to wear with it ? I have some really cute boots in a deep cream shade but are those too informal?
Do the styles clash ?
OH  and additional issues tights or just good old leg coloured (culoarea piciorului :)))) how the heck do you translate that into english without sounding retarded? ) ones?

Also accesories !I was thinking something like this maybe ?

Oh and hair and makeup wise I was thinking a retro kind of look :) Hair slightly up and full on liner and red lips or maybe a soft smokey eyes ?

Please post your comments below and help me decide :))
Thanks so much guys :*


luni, 4 aprilie 2011

First couple of weeks with Ivatherm

Hey guys :*

I am now in my third week of testing Ivatherm products :)
I gave my mom the roscea cream and I started using the Acne Syt

First I'm going to tell you what my mom told me :

''this moisturizer is very hydrating and the redness has reduced a bit ''

Very detailed description now isn't it ?
:)) Sorry but since my mom tried this out I can't tell you more about it !

Now for the Acne Syt :
I've used Effaclar Duo for about a year or so before trying Acne Syt and I must tell you I was quite scared before making the switch.What is my skin reacts badly ,what if I breakout and all that jazz.

But I gathered up courage and I gave it a try and I have to admit,it 's quite something and I'm not just saying that because I got it for free:))

It really has reduced the number of breakouts and it has improved my skin.Not a miracle worker ,I don't actually believe you can cure serious skin conditions just externally but it has made life so much easier for me now :) I still have to wait a little bit longer for the full effect but it's working just fine for me until now :)