marți, 27 septembrie 2011

Cat eyes and pink lips

I'm back with a FOTD for you guys and this is partially inspired by Kim K whom I love in spite of  her super duper annoying voice and overall lack of intelligence.I mean that girl rocks some seriously gorgeous makeup looks.

Here are the photos.


duminică, 25 septembrie 2011

Next top model by Catalin Botezatu-A sad sad joke

Hey guys:*

Sorry for the lack of posts but ya'll know I'm lazy and not a consistent blogger:D 
Today's topic is going to be the ''infamous'' Next top model by Catalin Botezatu.

I've just watched the first episode of season 2 and I am astonished at the amount of sheer stupidity that show can pack in such a short amount of time.

First of all ,I was really surprised by the fact that this joke of a show got another season.It is sad but funny at the same time to see that people actually like this.I mean ,yeah I watch so I'm no better than the multitude of people thinking this is the real shit but at least I can watch it and realise how abnoxious it really is.

What should I start with?

Well to begin with ,the whole concept is so distant from its mother show,America's Top Model ,which is by far a lot more developed and classy that this one ,that you can't even realise they are sister shows.
Hit me with a rock but I honestly think this 'magnificent achievement' is all due to Catalin Botezatu ,the one and only.
Oh my god ,that man has such a horrid way about him.He truly embodies what I hate most in a tv show and that is the lack of class and decency.He's so rauncy and abnoxious and the way he treats these young girls.Gee dude ,watch Tyra Banks ,do you ever see her screaming at a girl just because of a wardrobe malfunction?Me thinks not ,little peasant!
I would seriously slap the shit out of that man:)) Sorry for those of you who actually appreciate his work(truth be told ,I was never too interested to find out if his designs are ok or not)

At the auditions,he kept telling the girls to take their tops off and pose as if they were posing for a men's magazine.Dude what does that have to do with modelling ?When was the last time you saw a truly respected top model in a men's magazine posing nude?

Ok moving on 'cause I feel like I am going to pop if I talk about him any longer!
The next item on my list are the contestants.
Seriously girls, would it kill you if  you learned some English?I mean really ,that would save you a lot of trouble and you wouldn't say you're from X city when you're in fact asked how old you are.Just a suggestion :D
Other than that they're just as naive and stupid (only some of them ) as any other girl who thinks Catalin Botezatu is their best chance of becoming a model.

My last item is obviously the panel of judges used for the final auditions.

I get why the two dudes from the modelling agency were there but what the hell are Mirela Vescan and the hair stylist doing there? First of all Mirela Vescan is about the crappiest makeup artist I have seen so far who actually said she would never recommend false lashes because they cast a shadow on your face and create the illusion of dark circles.Since when ,old lady with absolutely no talent for makeup?

And that hair stylist dude is just so oblivious it's actually quite funny:))

That being said I'm just going to end things by saying that I love ANTM but absolutely hate hate hate NTM by Catalin What's his face...
I am though going to continue watching it because I am truly a masochist and enjoy hurting my brain for an hour every Wednesday or whenever it airs.I am however not sure how long I will be able to keep this up because I honestly have a major headache after each show.

So long my dear readers:*
All the love in the world for you if you made it to the end of this post:*