vineri, 27 iulie 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance Collection Liquid Lips Review and Swatch

Hi Guys!

Long time no see but I do have a decent excuse for this as I had to take the Baccalaureate exam early in July so I didn't have much time to post here.

I do have lots of reviews for products I have purchased throughout this time so keep your eyes peeled for those( including Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin, Elmiplant Anti-Celulite Gel and AslaVital's face wash).

Today however I am going to start with something fun and cute:) 

I picked up this lipstick/lipgloss just a couple of days ago but I do feel it will become close and dear to my heart as I absolutely LOVE it. 

First of all, I want to talk a bit about the whole concept LUSH has come up with. If you go to a counter you can play a little "game" as the salesperson called it. Basically you have a board with little colorful buttons underneath which are hidden some products each related to a certain emotion/talent/need.

The girl at the counter spins the board and you get to choose 3 colours and BAM you get your own emotional chart or something like that:) 

The 1st colour you choose represent the emotion that best describes you at that particular moment.
The 2nd colour you choose represents the emotion that is hidden in your subconscious and is basically a need.
The 3rd colour you choose represents your hidden talent which might help you achieve that particular need you get with the 2nd colour.

For me it was kind of like this:

1st- Motivation-dark teal kind of turquoisey kind of colour(liner)
2nd- Passion-really bright pink with blue undertone( lipstick)
3rd- Intuition-gorgeous light green with shimmer running through it (cream shadow)

Oh and I forgot to mention that there are 3 types of products hidden. Cream shadow,lipstick and liner. Luckily I got one of each but I ended up purchasing just the lipstick as I was kind of short on cash and these do not come cheap:D

The one thing I want to commend the LUSH counter from Cotroceni for is their ability to provide little disposable wands for each of these products. Like for example you would pick three products and you would get three different wands(lipstick,cream shadow and liner) so that there's no chance of spreading germs and other icky stuff from using the same wand that other people have used.

All of the products come in medicine dropper kind of bottles and in my opinion they are super cute:) 

Now that I've described the game I will move on to the actual review:)

First of all CONSISTENCY wise this is brilliant. Not too creamy as a lipstick but not too runny as a gloss. It's like the two had a baby and named it Liquid Lips:D 
As for STAYING POWER this baby spends quite some time on your lips staining them a bit so it might be a bit of a pain to remove but not impossible 
In terms of PIGMENTATION this is a dream come true because this acts like a creamy gel( if that makes sense) and coats your lips evenly in one application.Also the applicator is not as bad as I thought it was going to be since it's so short.It's actually quite handy.
As for PRICE VS. VALUE  this doesn't rank that low in the charts at 75 lei (around 18$) which may sound expensive for such a tiny product but a little goes a long way and you get quite a lot of product.

Would I repurchase? YEP!!
I really liked the concept and I admit I got suckerd into the whole fun game but I do really like the lipstick:)

That's all for today and as I said keep you eyes peeled for more reviews coming up :)