vineri, 26 februarie 2010


I have been so lazy lately.Imagine,i haven't written a post for 2 months.That makes me ask myself soul-searching questions like what kind of blogger am i if i don' :D

As i was telling you guys i had almost forgotten about my blog and this morning it just popped into my head ( that ,and the fact that a friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that she had just written something on her blog :D).

So here i am ,trying to find something at least remotely interesting and funny to write.And since nothing inspires me,i'm just gonna'tell you stuff that's been going on in my life in the past couple of months.I know ...boring ...but hey at least I'm trying :D we go:

1.I went skiing in Soelden-somewhere in Austria,and i had a blast.
2.I visited Wien ,which was actually really nice but since i'm not much of a cultural person:D ,I was definitely more drawn to the shops and I bought..... my first MAC products.I bought 2 eyeshadows ,one in Cranberry ,the other one in Blanc Type , a Studio Fix Fluid in NW15,a powder blush in Fleur Power ( probably my favourite of the bunch)and a 219 brush.Needless to say ,I was so happy I could barely breathe:D.
3.I started school:( and that was not a happy moment ,i am telling you.Well ,to my utter joy I came to school a week later because I was in Wien .But it is still sad that I have to wake up every morning to do my homework and put my poor ,precious brain under stress:)).
4.Teachers have oficially gone mad :D ( not that they were sane before but they have reached a degree of madness that it's gotten up to a point where it's actually quite funny to watch and observe)

And that's all for now folks...

P.S.I would promise to write more often but we all know what happens to those promises:))
P.S.2.I can't wait till'Gossip Girl starts..the last few episodes were so boriiing ,that i'm just hoping they wake up already.So March 18th ,I shall me watching you.Literally:)