vineri, 13 august 2010

Makeup and outfit of the day

So I'm back from Spain and as much as I loved being there I've got to say it's really nice to be home :) I basically recovered from my cold in a couple of days so I was still able to enjoy a day of not having to blow my nose every 10 seconds and be in the worst mood ever.
I was in Barcelona for 2 days in row and I must say it is a magnificent city.I loved absolutely everything about it and I definetly plan on going back there someday.
Obviously I couldn' t return home without some products from brands I can't (unfortunately) find back home like M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown and spend some cash on things I wouldn't normally buy when I'm in Bucarest.But this is part 2 of the post.Part one is about the makeup and outift I wore on the last night there in Malgrat de Mar.So here it goes :
 That was the first night I  had used some of the products i bought and it was also the first time i had actually applied false eyelashes (some dramatic ones ) and they stayed on :X.I also had on some of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige on the cheeks and I loved the way it looked  and I kept adding more and more until i basically ended up looking like a disco ball.But no worries ...i actually liked it:))

Hope you like it guys!

p.s. I can't believe I actually finished this post.I have been struggling to finish this for about 2 days.I just kept postponing it.Man,am I glad it's finished:)

duminică, 1 august 2010

I have a cooold :(

So as the title says I have a really ugly cold and as hard as it may seem to believe that's not the worst part.I'm actually in Spain right now in Costa Brava and instead of enjoying the magnificent weather and all the fun Spain can offer I'm basically in a crappy mood all day long and all I can think about is sleeping.I got here on Friday and I was fine.Yesterday I noticed my throat hurt a bit but I'd been drinking a little bit the previous night so I thought that was the reason.And this morning hell unleashed itself.I woke up with a very sore throat and a massinve headache and a general crappy disposition.I'm taking ibuprofen , antibiotics
and something that's supposed to help with the pain but so far it's only gotten worse ,stuffed nose adding up to the apparently ''insuficient '' simptoms.So basically I'm hoping this will all just pass in a couple a days but I think I might be fooling myself by thinking that.I feel like crap and I really didn't see this coming since I haven't had a cold in months.Well that was my moan and going on to happier matters here are some photos of the makeup I wore yesterday (back when I actually felt like a real person ) and my outfit of the day (actually of the night )

 thanks for tuning in guys :) xoxo,B