miercuri, 27 octombrie 2010

Lady's blush giveaway...

Hi!Sorry I've been MIA for a long time but I just wanted to post a link to an awesome giveaway.You'll find more details here:

miercuri, 6 octombrie 2010

Chanel Fall 2010

Hi guys :*
A few weeks ago I was looking through Anca Buzea's blog -
http://ancabuzeamakeup.blogspot.com/ ( a very talented makeup artist ) and I saw the look from Chanel Fall 2010 and I really liked the way it looked on the models so I did a little bit of research myself.
These are the photos from Chanel:

 And this is my interpretation :
 To achieve this look I took my mascara and I just dotted the tip of the brush around my eye area.The result was a little bit more dramatic but I must say |I quite liked it.It was such an easy thing to do.I don't think it took me more than 30 seconds on each eye.
  After that I blended the edges on my brow bone and put a little concealer and powder through my brows just to make them stand out a little bit less  as the main focus is the eye area.On top of the mascara I applied a thin coat of clear gloss to make the black pop out.
  On my cheeks I used Fleur Power by M.A.C. and on the lips Creme d'Nude ,also by M.A.C.I've also discovered that when I wear Creme d'Nude on its own it looks a touch blotchy ,therefore I apply a little bit of lip balm and then set it with M.A.C prep&prime transparent finishing powder and it lasts a lot longer and it reduces the blotchyness.
  Lots of highlight to brighten up my face and that's the look!

Hope you like it guys !Lots of love ,

luni, 4 octombrie 2010


Hi guys :) I decided this morning that it's about time you met a VID (very important dog ) in my life.And that dog is my 7 year old caniche, Lori.She is absolutely brilliant and even though she has quite a temper ,she is very much on the lovable side :D

I just can't understand people who say the don't like dogs :( they 're just so darn adorable :D

H&M and M.A.C haul

Last week,my parents went to Germany to Oktoberfest.I didn't really want to go with them just because they had planned a lot of visiting and stuff so I said I would pass.:D What can I say ,I'm not much of a walking person and definitely drinking beer and stuffing my face isn't my thing.But they supposedly had loads of fun and throughly enjoyed visiting castles and all that jazz.But they were real sweethearts and asked me what I would want them to bring me just because I can't really get my hands on M.A.C and H&M here.
So without further ado ...here we go :

1.The makeup:

 M.A.C lipstick in Creme d'Nude
 M.A.C prep+prime Transparent Finishing Powder
 Lacura (a brand I hadn't heard of until then )-Powder rouge (meaning blush :D)
                                                                   -Lipstick in the shade Coral,although it looks nothing like a coral 
                                                                   -Volume Mascara

 A duo eyeshadow kit with a lovely grey colour.I'm not a big fan of greys but this just melted my heart.It was love at first swatch :D
 Lacura Multi Intesive Serum (I've heard wonders about this product and I had to try it) They also got me the Aqua Complete one.I'm gonna try them out and let you guys know how it goes :D

2.The clothes :

 Two pairs of sneakers ( i basically ''ran out'' of sports shoes and these seemed at least a little bit fashionable )
 A gorgeous high waisted skirt.
 A very wrinkly but nonetheless beautiful blouse:)

 This is actually the thing I adore the most.I fell in love with it the moment I saw it on the web.It has some beautiful detailing on the arms ( as seen it the pic above ).I just love it and it goes really well with the skirt.
 A long ,pale beige tunic, which I plan on wearing wih black opaque leggings or maybe some jeans.Something really casual and comfy.

 This last purchase was actually my father's idea and I must say I'm really proud of him for choosing it.I absolutely adore it and it fits me really well.

And last but not least ,here is a picture of me just because I'm such a narcissist and I love seeing my face everywhere!:))
Hope you're having a great week !

p.s.I'll be posting a review of the M.A.C.finishing powder as soon as I can.I'm just gonna give it a few days to be able to properly review it.

sâmbătă, 2 octombrie 2010

Creative makeup:)part 2

And here is part 2 of the creative makeup.This I wore today and I really likethe way it looks.It's more on the extravagant side but I could pull it off.

That's it !Lots of looove :)

Creative makeup:)part 1

Hi guys :*! Sorry I've been out for a long long time but I'm back now and today I've got some pictures with the makeup I wore a few days ago and some makeup a bit on the crazy/creative side.But first I want to show you my new hair colour that I deeply love and adore :
 And here is the normal makeup.It's basically a smokey eye with a little bit of Cranberry by M.A.C in the crease and some gold on the lower lashline and a purple liner in the inner rim of the eye.On the cheeks I have Fleur Power by M.A.C

 And here is the crazy makeup.I just kept the eyes from the previous makeup and added a little heart on my left cheek and then I outlined it with turquoise and added some pearl highlight around it.I threw in some black cherry lips with a bit of black eyeliner on the lower lip.

That's about it for today guys :) talk to you soon !