miercuri, 6 octombrie 2010

Chanel Fall 2010

Hi guys :*
A few weeks ago I was looking through Anca Buzea's blog -
http://ancabuzeamakeup.blogspot.com/ ( a very talented makeup artist ) and I saw the look from Chanel Fall 2010 and I really liked the way it looked on the models so I did a little bit of research myself.
These are the photos from Chanel:

 And this is my interpretation :
 To achieve this look I took my mascara and I just dotted the tip of the brush around my eye area.The result was a little bit more dramatic but I must say |I quite liked it.It was such an easy thing to do.I don't think it took me more than 30 seconds on each eye.
  After that I blended the edges on my brow bone and put a little concealer and powder through my brows just to make them stand out a little bit less  as the main focus is the eye area.On top of the mascara I applied a thin coat of clear gloss to make the black pop out.
  On my cheeks I used Fleur Power by M.A.C. and on the lips Creme d'Nude ,also by M.A.C.I've also discovered that when I wear Creme d'Nude on its own it looks a touch blotchy ,therefore I apply a little bit of lip balm and then set it with M.A.C prep&prime transparent finishing powder and it lasts a lot longer and it reduces the blotchyness.
  Lots of highlight to brighten up my face and that's the look!

Hope you like it guys !Lots of love ,

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