sâmbătă, 2 octombrie 2010

Creative makeup:)part 1

Hi guys :*! Sorry I've been out for a long long time but I'm back now and today I've got some pictures with the makeup I wore a few days ago and some makeup a bit on the crazy/creative side.But first I want to show you my new hair colour that I deeply love and adore :
 And here is the normal makeup.It's basically a smokey eye with a little bit of Cranberry by M.A.C in the crease and some gold on the lower lashline and a purple liner in the inner rim of the eye.On the cheeks I have Fleur Power by M.A.C

 And here is the crazy makeup.I just kept the eyes from the previous makeup and added a little heart on my left cheek and then I outlined it with turquoise and added some pearl highlight around it.I threw in some black cherry lips with a bit of black eyeliner on the lower lip.

That's about it for today guys :) talk to you soon !

4 comentarii:

  1. the eye make up is totally beautiful :) x

  2. I agree - your eye make-up is gorgeous! You must revisit this make-up again, it really suits you :)

  3. I love the make-up, especially the smokey eye, it suits you well :)