joi, 15 iulie 2010

Doll-like (sort of) -makeup !

Today was the first time in weeks that I actually felt like playing around with makeup and that's exactly what I did!When I was a little younger ,let's say about a year and a half ago ,and I was just starting to get into the whole makeup world ,I used to sit down almost every night and try to create something new .I was so eager to see the transformations makeup was capable of.Now I don't do that so often mainly because I lack the time and it's easy to get used to the nice old black liner and a touch of gloss but from time to time I still go nuts and practically scare the bejesus out of everyone who is unfortunate enough to cross paths with me :))here is what boredom created this time :

I wish I could say that the huge amount of photos is here for a purpose but no ,it's just for my vanity and so that I can see my face online.That's the only reason folks! I'm selfish and egocentric and I wouldn't change it in a million years :)))That's just the way I am!

luni, 12 iulie 2010

A day in the town:X

Hi guys! Hope you're having a wonderful month of July!
So my friends and I decided to go for sort of a late lunch /early dinner out so we met  up downtown to try to find the perfect place to eat.I was obviously late although it was really not my fault you guys!Again I'm sorry but I basically have to take three means of transportation to actually get to civilization so don't blame me...blame whoever 's in charge of buses ,subways and all that jazz.
Whatever .... so we like walk  and walk and try to find the right place and of course since there were three of us we had arguments over which place to go and all the good stuff.
Basically we  just had loads of fun laughing and picking restaurants :)) We finally end up in a sort of pub/bistro ..I think.We had previously eaten there and we knew the food was good so we stopped there.After looking through the menu we all realized that some of the foods served there had the most amusing names ever.I can't even translate them like it's that funny to actually think that some people would name food like that.
We eventually got over it and finished ordering and eating.After that we took a walk and took some pretty pictures.So without further ado here they are :

So this is it guys :) Hope you all like the pictures !

p.s.I just really want to thank  Betty ,Simona and Anca ( she's not pictured here cause' she's travelling right now ) for constantly putting up with me being late and I promise to try to tone it down a little bit in the future !Thanks guys !! Lots of looove !
p.s.2 I just wanted to say that if you think Betty's( the taller one(sorry Simona )) tan looks real that 's because it actually is and i'm so damn jealous and I hate her :P.Just to make me feel better I'm gonna say that she's pasty white in reality!