joi, 15 iulie 2010

Doll-like (sort of) -makeup !

Today was the first time in weeks that I actually felt like playing around with makeup and that's exactly what I did!When I was a little younger ,let's say about a year and a half ago ,and I was just starting to get into the whole makeup world ,I used to sit down almost every night and try to create something new .I was so eager to see the transformations makeup was capable of.Now I don't do that so often mainly because I lack the time and it's easy to get used to the nice old black liner and a touch of gloss but from time to time I still go nuts and practically scare the bejesus out of everyone who is unfortunate enough to cross paths with me :))here is what boredom created this time :

I wish I could say that the huge amount of photos is here for a purpose but no ,it's just for my vanity and so that I can see my face online.That's the only reason folks! I'm selfish and egocentric and I wouldn't change it in a million years :)))That's just the way I am!

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  1. Doll-like indeed!:D
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