marți, 22 decembrie 2009


Yep ...that's what I am!
Let me explain myself ...
So I live in the centre of Bucharest.My parents live somewhere outside of town and it takes forever to get to places from here.And since I can't drive( not that i wouldn't want to's just that i'm too young:( ) I can't get out of here.
Therefore I am oficially stuck here.
I'm only here for about a week( for the Christmas holiday)but it's already been 2 days and I'm bored to death:.
Anybody got any ideas about stuff to do?
Obviously until I get out of here and do things normal people do I shall be bloggin' my brains out(not the best choice of methaphore but this will do for now:D).

Until next time,

joi, 17 decembrie 2009

It really feels like Christmas time !

It's actually snowing here you guys:X I love snow .It's just so peacefull( well...not counting the traffic chaos :D).
Now that I have told you how much I adore snow let me tell you how much I hate it too:)
I was walking to school the other day and I noticed everyone was looking funny at me for no apparent reason.When I arrived at school I saw that my mascara had smudged all over my cheeks because of the snow :(.
And that was my sad little cheesy story for today:))

Oh and i'm oficially on holidaaaaaay!!! Yey for that:X


duminică, 13 decembrie 2009


Ah the joy of these holidays ! I am really getting into the whole christmas spirit.Only three more days of school and I 'm off the hook for this year.I'm having a final test tomorrow and that makes me a little bit less christmasy but i'll get over it.

See... i'm getting the hang of these kind of posts.I might even dare say i like them.


joi, 10 decembrie 2009

quick announcement

Well hello there fellow bloggers!Greetings to you all !
Now getting past that cheesy introduction I shall make a very important announcement!
I am turning this blog into a mixed topic one.That means that apart from the apparently very rare makeup related posts ( please excuse my lazyness) i will be posting non makeup related ....let's call it stuff.

On a happier note I was specifically asked by a very persistent friend of mine to mention her in one of my posts .I really have no idea why she is so keen to appear on a blog read by 9 people( which i respectfully salute:)) ).So there you have it kiddo.I am mentioning you here:ANDE:*

So let's get on with blogging about normal stuff.I guess i'll just write about the way i spent my day.that 's what normal people do right ? Here it goes folks:)

I had an English contest today.At 9 o'clock.Which meant i had to get up at 7.That sucked.The whole thing was supposed to last three hours but it ended up lasting a whole lot less.The good news: we were allowed to skip school.Yeeeey!

On the way back home I waited for the bus for about half an hour.That made me angry.You wanna' know what else makes me angry ....smelly people in buses and people that write about their in-laws on their blog even though they're only sixteen.jeez about crazy:)).

So now i'm home writing this incredibly boring post about myself( makeup is a lot more fun than my crappy day ).Hope you enjoy people!