luni, 23 aprilie 2012

O.P.I. Haul

Hey guys:*

I have another haul for you guys.I told you that I was on a nail polish shopping spree and I can't seem to stop:)).I wanted to try some varnishes from O.P.I. and what better way to do that than buying the Best of the Best set.It contains 10 of their best sellers and it's absolutely gorgeous.I also got A roll in the Hague 'cause I couldn't contain myself.Each of the mini polishes is 3.75 ml.They're so tiny and they almost feel like little pieces of jewelry.I absolutely adore them.

I got them from:
The service was impeccable.The girls were super nice and they told me exactly when my order was supposed to arrive and all in all it was a positive shopping experience.And I also like the care with which they packed the polishes.They took extra precautions to make sure they arrived to me safe and sound:)
Uuuh and they also included 4 samples of Joico products:shampoo,conditioner,reconstructor and hydrator.I have no idea how they work but it was nice of them to do that.Plus it's a good way of promoting their products:))

But enough with the chit chat.On to the eye-candy:D

Here is a NOTD with the magnetic polish from Flormar.

And here is today's NOTD.A roll in the Hague with Lincoln Park After Dark as a V french tip.Seche Vite top coat.

That's it for today:)

duminică, 22 aprilie 2012

My nail biting story and nail polish haul:)

Hey guys:*

I think I've told you this before but I used to bite my nails up until 2-3 months ago.I can't really tell for sure what made me stop but I now have long nails that I'm extremely proud of:).
I'm gonna show you my nails a couple of months ago.They're teeny tiny:))

After that they started to slowly grow.I had some press on false nails on to help me to stop biting them.They helped heaps because when I took them off my nails were a little grown so I felt bad biting them.

I never had a thing for nail polish but since I have my own nails now I must admit I'm getting a bit obsessed with painting them.I do my manicure every other day because I get bored really easily:))
So last week I got some nail polishes,part of them were a gift for my b-day and some I got for myself:))

 China Glaze:

Left to right: Electric Beat,Wicked Style,Dress me up,Harvest Moon,Lemon Fizz

 Seche Vite,China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat ,China Glaze Orange Cuticle Oil

I also got a Seventeen polish 335 and the lovely little Max Factor polishes(left to right): 35-Candy Blue,44-Graffiti,31-Satsuma,33-Lollipop,32-Cactus Green.

I also got as a present a magnetic polish from Flormar-MG07.The last polish on the right is a Konad one but that's another post:)

 These are my natural nails now.I know they're yellow and the white part is way too big but they're still in the sticking to my skin phase :)) 

And here is a NOTD using Max Factor Satsuma,Konad Nail Polish in Black and the M62 plate.

 So that's it for today guys :)
If you want to see any of these colours swatched all you have to do is say.