marți, 22 decembrie 2009


Yep ...that's what I am!
Let me explain myself ...
So I live in the centre of Bucharest.My parents live somewhere outside of town and it takes forever to get to places from here.And since I can't drive( not that i wouldn't want to's just that i'm too young:( ) I can't get out of here.
Therefore I am oficially stuck here.
I'm only here for about a week( for the Christmas holiday)but it's already been 2 days and I'm bored to death:.
Anybody got any ideas about stuff to do?
Obviously until I get out of here and do things normal people do I shall be bloggin' my brains out(not the best choice of methaphore but this will do for now:D).

Until next time,

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  1. ola ~!! how are ya doing ? i heard u caught a sucks....and u are stuck ....(lol it rhymes):D