vineri, 22 aprilie 2011

Gerovital Plant -Overview

Hi guys :)
Earlier this week I went to the post office to pick up my freebies/samples from Gerovital Plant :) Anca from Machiaj Ochi sent them to me and I want to thank her once again for that :)

I got a couple of samples of just about everything and I'm just going to tell you a general idea about each.

Anti wrinkle cream -my mom tried this one out and she said she really liked the consistency of it but that she didn't really think it hydrated enough.Also big bonus for her,the smell.

Anti imperfection cream -Good for night since it leaves a sort of weird feel on the skin and doesn't really sink in that well but other than that quite good as a spot treatment.I applied it on a couple of patches of problematic skin overnight and by morning they were significantly reduced.

Moisturizing Cream -Dreamy consistency and feel to it.My skin just felt refreshed after applying it.Not very much to say about it.Didn't break me out or anything.

Nourishing Cream -Don't really noticed that much of a difference from the previous one ,unfortunately so don't really know what to say.

Contour Serum Eyes and lips -Here comes the not so good part .This broke me out a bit around my mouth and around the edges of my cheeks where I had spread the product.Now ...I'm not saying this is a bad product but it's definitely not for my skin type.

Well that was it guys :*

Hope you find this useful :)


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