joi, 3 septembrie 2009

When in a review:D

So...inspiration came pretty quickly :) i was just on my laptop trying to decide what my real first post should be about and then it hit me ..what am I most obsessed with?The answer :foundation !

So I just grabbed my Revlon Colorstay and I was about to start writing when I realised that I don't really have anything new to add to the reviews circulating on the web.
People don't want me telling them something they already know.

On to the actual review cause'if I don't stop rambling now I shall never end:

The spotlight tonight is on BOURJOIS'10 hour sleep effect foundation(in rose72).

My initial thought was ''oh there's got to be a proper review on it on youtube.''you see youtube is for me what santa is for little kids : you just tell him what you want and he gets it for you:)) anyway i searched and there was i decided to do one of my own.

Here it goes !

First impression :yuuuuuck:( why on earth did I ever buy this?My reason ? I was used to a matte finish from my foundations so i first hated this product that actually turned out to be pretty good .

Finish:It has a gorgeous dewy finish and it just makes your skin glow in all the right places like the top of your cheekbone , on your brow bone etc.But when you put powder over it all the magic is gone so what I would reccommend is to powder only your T-zone if you want to keep the sheen:)

Coverage : i would say it's more of a light to medium but it's definitely buildable.

Staying-power:unfortunately not so good .this is really the only downside to this :( it literally lasts about 3-4 hours on the skin and after that you can't really tell you had foundation scoring low points for this one.

I also wanna' say that this is the easiest foundation to blend ever and i think that's what makes the coverage so buildable.

All in all I think this is a great foundation.definitely would repurchase . i would give it a 9 out of 10 just because of the staying-power but you know what they say:you can't have it all now can you!

Hope you didn't find this post excruciatingly long and really hope this helped someone out there:)



4 comentarii:

  1. ah thanks for this, i so wanted to buy this as i really want my make-up to last longer but ive started using primer and it seems to be working fine i think im going to get colourstay next seems like a safe bet, good review xx

  2. so glad i could help:)and yes colourstay is a safe bet but i just find it kind of hard to blend(the oily-combination one...i'm not sure about the other one) and it dries out in literally seconds but the staying-power is very good even without primer.

  3. I love the xoxo, very cute! How do you apply the Bourjois?

  4. @glossaddict
    :)well... i've tried different ways of applying it but i think the best way is to just use a regular foundation brush or a stippling brush.Those were my favourites:D.A sponge is also a good method but the brushes just give a better finish:)(especially the regular one).Since it's so easy to blend everything works with it.
    Hope this helped:)