marți, 29 septembrie 2009

Stila smudge pots:A review:D i haven't written anything in a while because i've just started school two weeks ago and i've been in a continuous rush since then and i literally could not find time to write.i'm so sorry i have abandoned my eight followers :)) i promise i'll be better in the future.

well then on with the review :)

I have recently purchased three of stila 's smudge pots ( black ,bronze,gray).Where I live i can only get Stila at Sephora and the prices there are twice as big as on the site and i can't purchase online as i do not have a card :.So i saw they were having a sort of discount so i rushed in there and got myself these three.They all came in a package together so i paid the price for three little ones ( cause they are quite little ,like half the size of the original jar )wich would equivalate the price of a full sized smudge pot.

I have never had liners in this form ( gel liner) so i didn't know if i was gonna like it so i thought i would try these from stila cause benefit creaseless blah blah blah was way too expensive and i can't get my hands on mac :('

I'm so glad i decided to buy them cause'i completely adore them :X

Although I did use them as liners in the first couple of days i now find myself reaching out for them as a base for smokey eyes ;) they're great i tell you.

What more can I say ,love,absolutely love !
They keep my eyeshadow in place ,no creasing and it makes the colours i put on top pop more.

All in all i'm very happy with my purchase :D

Hope you're having a great week,

p.s. here's a picture of a look i did the other day with the bronze and the black.

p.s.2 :))my next smudge pot is going to be pomegranate.Soooo pretty :X

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  1. that bronze one is gorgeous.
    pomegranate sounds beautiful!

  2. Those Styla eyeliners look great! the look so creamy and smooth! I like gel eyeliners I used to use Bobby Brown gel eyeliner they last forever!