duminică, 13 septembrie 2009

Today's look : Line those eyes!

I thought i'd do a very neutral look today.So i put on my foundation blush blah blah and my eye makeup which consisted of a very light cream coloured highlighter and a sparkly brown eyeshadow in the crease.I should've stopped there.But i didn't :D ...i thought a little liner couldn't hurt ( bad idea ) so i ended up with a big black line on my eyes ....which i absolutely adoooore:)).oh and i also added a bright orangey-pinky lipgloss just to completely erase the idea of a neutral look :)

Here are the pictures:

Products used :

Face :

Revlon Colorstay ( 150 Buff).Stila pressed powder.Manhattan Blush in Fresh Peach.


Cream coloured highlighter.Brown in the crease.Maybelline line definer liquid liner.


Oriflame's Pop Glam Plump & Gloss in Vibrant pink

Ok....after that i kind of got a little bit creative and this came out:D

I am not even going to try to tell you what products i used mostly because i have no idea of what i did there .i just started extending the liner and this just popped on my face 5 minutes later.although i sort of like it.what do you think ?:D i would be more than happy to know what your thoughts are on this.

Have a great week guys !



P.S. I'm starting school tomorrow.....i'm a 10th grader ( i think it's called a sophomore in America ) and i'm totally not happy about that.Don't get me wrong... i looooove school( well at least the fun part of it ...) but i still think i'll miss all the lazy mornings in bed ....just me ....doing nothing ( doesn't that sound great ?) well i hope i'll get adjusted rather quickly and everything's gonna be just fine.By the way ...are any of you still in highschool or am i the only kiddie around here ?:(

3 comentarii:

  1. i love a nude eye with thick eyeliner. and the red looks pull the look together super nicely!

  2. greatt pictures! this is beautiful!
    i'm going to try out your nude eye + thick winged liner tomorrow

  3. Oooh both looks are very pretty!!! Well, the first part of the look, and then the second part of the look...=)