marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

Il Makiage

Hey guys :* I went to Il Makiage today as I told you yesterday.I got there a couple of minutes early and I waited a bit till the whole thing started.They seated us on some chairs and some random dude presented some of the products.First of all I want to stress out that there were only 3 ''makeup artists'' and there were 7 women ,including me.So there was not a makeup artist for every single one of us ,which wouldn't have bothered me if I hadn't been told that they needed 100 % confirmation that I could come because a makeup artist will come for me especially.So that really pissed me off :( I was given some very poor quality wipes to remove my makeup which I thought was really tacky.
Second of all when I finally got into the makeup chair which was after 25 minutes of waiting,I was appaled by the fact that the girl did not use and moisturiser and I was slapped on some cream foundation ,with a brush, which looked totally uneven and I had expected the girl to blend it in but no such luck because she went on to scratching the bejeesus out of me with a very coarse powder brush,thus removing all of the foundation she  had previously put on.The blush was quite ok ,except for the fact that I had one cheek pinker than the other :)) And one thing that wasn't really her fault was that the foundation after 10 minutes was gently sliding off of my face.
She went on to the eyes and there I can't really say much because the pictures will speak for themselves.
I just want to mention that at one eye I have a line with blue continuing towards the nose and at the other one I don't .
The lips were awful ,I said peachy -pink and she applied a reddish -coral colour  and she didn't even follow the natural shape of my lips ,and they looked beyond atrocious.And that completed the 15 minutes I spent in the makeup chair.
All in all I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that I think it's quite bad because she was such a doll and we talked a lot about how I want to become a makeup artist and all that jazz,and I really liked her but she wasn't very good,unfortunately:(
I leave you with the pictures which don't quite capture the atrocity of the foundation but believe me ,I felt like a fool all the way home and I felt as if everyone was staring at me :(

What I did like was the fact that they didn't try so hard to sell me the products ,the girl was nice enough and she just told me that if I was particularly interested in something that was on my face she would write it down and I could buy it.I bought a deep purple shade that caught my eye ,and not because I felt pressured to buy it but because I genuinely liked it :)

In the end I can't say it was the crapiest makeup I ever had on but for a makeup company that prides itself in profesionalism and high quality products ,you would think they would take extra care of the persons they hire because they are the first people potential customers deal with.

That's all for today folks :) Hope I at least entertained you with my sad story :)

P.s. Has anyone had a similar or perhaps better experience with Il Makiage? cause I'm really curious...please do share darlings:*

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  1. Hi! i've read on some other blog(can't remember which, sorry) about a similar experience with Il Makiage and i'm really intrigued. why? because one of my school classmates works there as a make-up artist and from what i've seen in her pictures and on her face she is quite talented (Liana is her name). maybe she's the only one capable over there :))

  2. @Irulan:I have no idea why this is...maybe it's just the fact that they're not supposed to spend more than 10-15 minutes on each person ,thus resulting in a sloppy effect?I really can't see why because they have the high-quality products and they're supposed to have had training :(
    It's really a shame that this is happening :(
    The girl that did my makeup was not Liana unfortunately :(

  3. Weeeeell, I've had the same horrible experience last year, believe me, this is actually their business scheme: they lure in girls under fake promises and then deliver to them a speech on how wonderful their products are and how they are used by "many" celebrities (none of which turned up on my Google searches) and the ultimate goal is to sell their low quality products to girls who were told they were there for a FREE makeup session. I did not want to buy anything at the end but they pushed and pushed me into buying it, with pathetic lies like when I argued that the lipstick was pink (it was pink), they lied to my face and insisted on it being orange (because like a fool I had previously said that was the shade I was looking for in general). All the girls were aggressively pressured into buying their stuff. One girl said she did not have enough money to purchase anything because she was going to a movie and drinks with friends and they had the NERVE to tell her that it was more important to buy a stupid product than to meet with her friends. Can you believe it?! They pushed me with their crap for a long time and after my 100th refusal, they just turned their backs on me and didn't even say goodbye. I left with a very bitter taste about it all and I felt like I had been thrown out like a shoplifter.
    The products are simply coarse and cheap, but they sell them for ridiculous prices (by the way, that 20% discount is there every day, not just on that day, as they claim) and the truth behind their pressuring girls into buying products right then & there is that if you had a chance to go home and see how short-lasting and tacky the products really are (don't forget they make you look in a very dimly lit mirror after the "makeup session"), no one would come back to buy them.

  4. @Orjen-I still can't believe their rude behaviour.It's appaling.I was the last one to get my makeunder:)) and the girl had probably made her sales for the day so she wasn't very pushy,but the overall attitude did bother me.
    Thanks for sharing your experince:) I was beginning to think I 'm crazy and nobody thought the same.

  5. "Makeunder" :))) that so funny but true. Take care!