vineri, 2 aprilie 2010


One of the many stupid thing you do when you're a teenager is....dye your hair.So I guess it was my turn to try to rebel against the world by doing somethig so insignificant as change my hair colour.

Lucky for me ,I actually adore how things turned out.I therefore present you with my new do :)

For me to go from dark brown with a little bit of red going through it ,I had to spend 4 hours at the salon .It was really boring but it was all worth it in the end.

So what do you think ? :)



3 comentarii:

  1. Your new hair really suits u!
    and your eye makeup is great!


    superbitate blonda ce esti;)

    but unfortunately u are a brown haired girl with blonde moments...;)
    just kidding!! :D

  3. Si eu am trecut prin aceleasi momente. De 2 ori in 2 ani. Intr-un final, dupa o gramada de bani bagati in parul blond, am decis ca e mai bine sa revin la culoarea mea naturala.
    Dar si acum m-as duce sa il vopsesc blond.
    I guess I have a thing for blonde hair...
    Btw, ai o nuanta foarte misto si te prinde foarte bine!