vineri, 18 iunie 2010

A walk in the city...

First of all,hi guys , hope you're having a really good summer!Today my friend and I decided to go for a walk downtown since we both are car girls and we don't have to walk that much therefore we don't really know the city we live in.That was the official reason comes the real one : we went shopping ( well more like window shopping ) 'cause everybody knows that the most amazing(and overpriced) clothes and not to mention shoes are in the centre of the city.We found a lot of eye candy,like these shoes here...
But in the end we had to go home empty handed...:( but not for long 'cause I shall have those shoes :))) i don't care what i have to do for them ( just kidding )

Then we decided to take some pictures in a nearby park so this was a briliant chance for me to show you my outfit of the day :D
Here it goes :

earrings :accesorize, sunglasses:rayban.
Now a few photos of me and Betty( whom I adore for taking the pics) And finally this is what i managed to buy :) I absolutely love the little bows.

headband and hair bows from meli melo :)
That's all for today folks!
Hope you like the photos ...

p.s. Tomorrow i'm really hoping i can go to a vintage fair to buy some much needed accessories ( i feel that my outfits are too blank )....that is if it doesn't rain cause the fair is outdoors :D if i do manage to go ...a blog post is imperiously necessary :)

3 comentarii:

  1. car girls huh?:))
    it was a wonderful day brindilinus even if we didn't buy anything,except from those extraordinary bows:x

    ah!the sky told me that tomorrow is going to be a serene day ,so vintage fair here we cooooome.


  2. haha! it's so funny! we're all speaking in english! brindi loooove the bows! and love that you're telling us where you got your clothes from :))

  3. anca ,don't be a hater !just because i speak english doesn't mean you have to darling !