sâmbătă, 26 martie 2011

Airbrush By Dinair

Hey guys :)
I am beyond happy now as I have received my Dinair Airbrush Kit :X I have wanted this system for about 1 year or so and it's finally mine :X
I have problematic ,oily skin and every foundation I use ends up looking really weird by the fifth hour so I  was looking forward to trying this and seeing if it really works better than regular makeup.

I 'm just going to show what I got in the package :)
I chose the Beauty Studio Kit which contains :

  • 8 colours
  • Airbrush Gun
  • Compressor 
  • Air shadow stencil 
  • Eyebrow stencils 
  • Lesson Cd 
Price :259$

Afterwards I added :

  • 2 shades of Paramedical Foundation
  • Blue ,Red ,Yellow,White ,Black Fantasy Colours (to be able to mix and match to create custom colours )
Bringing the total to 320$( a lot ,I know :)) )

Also ,I just wanted to mention that I managed to persuade someone into getting it for me and ship it here because the shipping to Romania is a nightmare,210 $ just for the shipping which is insane :|

I 'm super happy with my purchase and I must say I consider it an investment :)

I'm going to be back in a day with a FOTD using airbrush makeup:)


8 comentarii:

  1. vreau si euuuuuu...ai dat 210$ pe shipping sau ai gasit undeva mai ieftin? sa il folosesti cu placere oricum :X:X:X

  2. supeeeeeeeeeeer... esti o norocoasa:)

  3. I am excited to see your FOTD with this!
    I would absolutely love to have the money to buy myself one of these ! :)

  4. omg! that's amazing!! lucky girl!!! I'm looking forward for the FOTD!! I'm sure your gonna look great!

  5. Buna, ai un premiu pe blogul meu :)

  6. il foloseti doar pentru tine sau si pentru alte persoane? cam cat timp te ajung flacoanele? de obicei stiu ca 3 ani au produsele in general insa cele lichide cam 6-8 luni de la deschidere.. renteaza?