marți, 1 martie 2011

Skincare routine.

Hey guys :) Hope you're having a great week.
Today I'm just going to talk about my daily routine.I'm quite particular about the products that go on my face since I have sensitive skin ,prone to imperfections, so I carefully choose the things that I use.

I've had this routine for about 4-5 months and while it's not my holy grail ( i'm constantly on the lookout for the the best on the market ) it works with my skin and it keeps the breakouts at a minimum.


1.Wash my face with a face gel from La roche Posay.I'm a big fan of face washes.I find that this is not overly drying and it controls my very oily  skin while still effectively removing impurities.This doesn't have that tight skin effect that other face washes have.

2.I then move on to moisturizer and for the morning I use Nivea Mattifying Day Care.I have tried so many moisturizers but some of them were awful makeup bases meaning they overly dried my face or they broke me out:(
This one is the perfect combination.It's a gorgeous makeup base and it keeps the shine away( as  much as possible )

3.I evidently use lip balm (like crazy if I may add ) I'm currently in love with this one,Palmer's Lip Butter -Dark Chocolate and Peppermint.Best lippie ever!


1.I take my makeup off with Bioderma Sensibio H2O.One word :Awesome!! It's effective in removing makeup yet not greasy and sticky.My face feels refreshed after using this.

2.Wash my face with the same gel as A.M.I can't go to sleep unless my face is squeaky clean:|

3.Put on Effaclar Duo.Really good for skin with severe imperfections.It keep them at bay as much as possible.

4.Lip balm myself with the butter from Palmer's.

So that's it :) Not too complicated !Maybe this was interesting:)


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