vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

Black Lips.

I know.You're gonna think I've gone mad but I have an explanation for this .....Actually I don't! :)) I just felt black lips would be the perfect choice for a night out.I obviously got a lot of stares but I didn't really mind.They were people who I'd never see again so why care ?:))
I actually like the effect black lips have on the whole:)I would love to see what you thinkMatte or Glossy?Comment !Condemn or love :)Do whatever you wish lovelies:)


11 comentarii:

  1. defintely glossy! it actualy looks quite interesting :P

  2. I like the Matte way :D
    Looks good on you ;)

  3. Wish I was bold enough, if I tried this I'm sure it would look I was a messy eater. I love it on you :)

  4. I like the matte one :) ce te-ai pictat?

  5. thanks so much for the nice comments :)
    @iguanitza:cu gel liner :)) nu vrei sa stii cum aratam dupa ce am mancat :))) ramasesem doar cu conturul si aratam de parca aveam mustata :))

  6. Eu nu ma pot hotari care imi place mai mult asa ca votez cu ambele variante :D
    Mi-ar placea sa incerc si eu asa ceva, dar buza mea de sus e subtire si cu negru nu s-ar mai vedea deloc, sunt sigura ;))

  7. The glossy ones definetly look really good on you :)