vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte Review

I got this for Saint Nick and I must say I adore it.I have it in Peach Passion.
I love so many things about it but i'm not going to rant :) We're going to do this in an organised ,neat way.
Here we go:

Packaging:Simply gorgeous !YSL always had beautiful packaging but this one is truly great:)No need for description cause we have photos.

Shades :Wide range of shades which is nice but I have to tell you...some of the shades on the site are not exactly what you would expect them to be in person.For example ,Peach Passion is a gorgeous peachy neutral on the website but when I saw it in reality I was amazed at how orangey it looked.(note:orangey in a good coral kind of way )

Consistency :The most creamy lipstick I have ever seen.In fact I'm lying ...I have another liptick from the brand By Terry and that's quite similar to this one.

Longevity :Not that great.I mean it does stay on a decent amount of time but after about 2-3 hours you're left with just a subtle stain and the shine dissapears:(but I must say I quite like that in fact.

Compared to- other lipsticks this is evidently better in terms of colour payoff ,and texture.Not to mention that they're far superior to the MAC cremesheens.Those just seem to hold on to every bit of dry lips they can find and really accentuate it.No such problem with this one though.
                     -the By terry one ,there's not much of a difference ,maybe just a pinch in texture cause the by terry one is a little bit more watery but that's all.

Price :149 lei (Romania)

Would I buy it again:Sure!I plan on expanding my collection pretty soon.

Hope you find this useful:)

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  1. este superba culoarea,imi place dar e cam scumpisor

  2. stiu:( dar mi l-am dorit atat de mult incat nu am putut rezista :))

  3. i love it! ;)

  4. Wow! Salivez la rujul ala YSL!:X
    Dar parca n-as putea sa dau 150 lei pe un ruj. Cel putin nu la situatia financiara pe care o am acum.:))

  5. Hello brindi blog beatiful.çok harika.thank you.kısses