luni, 20 decembrie 2010

Tag-Beautifull-Would you rather-Beauty edition:)

I got this tag from Beautifull so thanks a lot :) It's really fun!

Here we go:
  • Would you rather walk around all day with you skirt tucked in your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
          Well I think I'll pick the see-through dress cause I just couldn't bear the thought of walking around with a full view of my underwear for everyone to see.Plus ,the see through dress can be considered a fashion statement ,whereas the skirt tucked in definitetly couldn't :))
  • Would you rather go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
          Fake lashes unglued all the way.I can't stand the lipstick on my teeth.

  • Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
          Mascara because blush just defines my cheeks and I can't go without it :)
  • Would you rather wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?
         Frosty blue shadow cause I could probably make it work:)

  • Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?
        Foundation cause the orange-y look just scares the bejeesus out of me :)))

  •   Would you rather drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day when your skin is freaking out?
           Drink the ketchup!A girl 's gotta suffer for her beauty :)))At least that;s what they say :)))
  •  Would you rather be able to date any celeb you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet-worthy hair?
        Perfect hair everyday!Need I say more ?:))
  • Would you rather your armpits smell musky or like delicious lasagna?
        Lasagna all the way!Musky =eeek !
  • Would you rather give up your makeup or cell phone for one year?
          Cell Phone.Who needs communication when they're gorgeous ?:))
  • Would you rather run into a cute guy you like with food all in your grill or no makeup at all?
         No makeup!what's worse than feeling confident and flashing a smile and then realise that you've got stuff in your teeth?

Thanks again for the tag and everyone is free to do it if they wish:)


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