luni, 27 decembrie 2010

LOTD-Sparkly Browns

Hey guys ! Hope you had a great Christmas filled with delightful presents and lots of joy and happiness:)
The look for today is sort of a brown smokey with an accentuated outer v.Hope you like it !

And I thought I'd also show you my outfit of the day :)It's pretty simple but I quite like it !

Hope you like it guys :)

11 comentarii:

  1. Pe langa machiaj, adorrrr culoarea parului.
    Cu ce te vopsesti?

  2. @Amalia -din pacate nu ma pot vopsi singura,parca am 2 maini stangi la chestia asta :)) imi iese aiurea ,parca printr-o parte e mai inchis ,alte parti mai deschis :( asa ca ma duc sa ma vopsesc la salon :) o sa intreb data viitoare si iti zic :)

    @Madalina -Thanks a lot :*

  3. I know, same here:))
    Oricum, foarte reusita culoarea.

  4. I love this look and i'll practize them today (:

    and ill hope you follow me back too (:

  5. You're gorgeous :)
    Love the make-up and hair colour, fits you perfectly :)
    Btw, you have amazing cheekbones!

  6. you look so pretty in this look :) love your hair

  7. I like it
    Your eyes so beautiful!!!
    You so pretty good looking

    follow u
    blog <3

  8. I loved the brown smokey eyes...
    U look very cute
    Have a Happy new year!!!
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