joi, 23 decembrie 2010

M.A.C.Cockney and first impressions on the store in Bucharest.

I recently purchased this lipstick from the new M.A.C. shop that's opened in Bucharest,in Baneasa Shopping City.First a few words about the store :
  • It's quite small.I was amazed at how tiny and crammed toghether it is.I went there on a Saturday and it was quite packed.A lot of people were roaming around so that was a bit distracting.
  • The people there were not very helpful:( I saw one guy that was really helping people but the other consultants just did not seem interested enough to sell the products.If I'm gonna spend 79 lei on a lipstick at least try to sell it to me and tell me all the wonders it does:))
  • First I wanted to buy Lady Danger and I thought I'd ask one of the consultants to help me.One thing that I thought was really distressing is that they were all wearing dark eyeshadow -dark lipstick combo.What was up with that?Everyone except the girl from the register was made up to their toes with a lot of makeup.So here I am telling the consultant what I wanted and she goes up to the tester area for lipsticks ,looks around ,shows me a bunch of other lipsticks that were not Lady Danger,I tell her I want to try Lady Danger and then she just stares at me for about 30 seconds and then finally tells me in a very annoyed voice that if they don't have the tester ,they probably don't have the product either.Honestly I would have bought the lipstick without trying it on first, if they only had the product.
  • Finally I walk out with Cockney and I'm quite pleased with my purchase.
Now the actual lipstick:

It's a luster and I must say ,having only tried cremesheens up until now ,I much prefer lusters.They go on evenly and beautifully.
I think it's pretty obvious that I like it and everyone knows about M.A.C lipsticks so I won't babble any longer .

Here are some photos:

Hope it's useful!

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  1. sometimes I just can't get past the Romanian sellers, it's still incredile how weird they can be, especially when they're selling such expensive products.
    But the lipstick is fabulous and I can hardly wait to see it in one of your looks :P

  2. I was shocked too by how crowded the store is.
    As for what the consultant told you, she must have been quite inexperienced. When I went yesterday to MAC there was no sign of Impassioned lipstick among the testers, but I was still able to buy it (the stock was full of this lipstick, actually) so I think if she were indeed a good consultant she would have looked for the lipstick before sending you away. Meh, I hate most Romanian sellers, just like you said, the only one that really helps customers is the guy. I had the luck to have him all for myself when there was nobody in the store and we had quite a conversation about their products. He indeed knows what he's talking about.
    Have a great Christmas!

  3. Nice color - I wish I could wear more colors, it just doesn't really look good on me. I stick to neutral lipgloss.

  4. @birminghamlady-I know :( they don't really seem interested in helping you !

    @1984civciv-thanks a lot :)

    @Blossoms-You were lucky to get the guy in the store.I had no such luck:))Merry Christmas to you too.

    @Natalija-i'm sure nude suits you best but you should step out of the box and try some bolder colours ,this coming from a girl who wore nothing but pink lipgloss up until a year ago :))so trust me!

  5. deabia astept sa merg si eeeeeu..:-<